ME Production

Customized exhaust gas cleaning system 

You maybe running on dual fuel to comply with MARPOL emmission standards and you may think that a SOx scrubber installation is expensive and complicated!

ME Production A/S is facing this argument every day. It is however out to prove that; it is neither too expensive not too complicated to implement a SOx scrubber system. ME Production has identified the simple basic fact that ship owners require a long lasting solution with a simple design, with well known components, that is cost effective and has a ROI of 1 to 2 years, even with the historically low fuel prices.

ME Production A/S has just that solution readily available as an off the shelf solution.

It has also made it easy for the ship owner by also providing the full turn-key solution. It has never been easier to make the right choice!

Marine Exhaust Technology develops and manufactures customized exhaust gas cleaning systems for marine applications. Develops and design their systems in close cooperation with the customers as well as leading engine manufacturers ensuring low emissions shipping and high environmental performance. 

It is its goal to develop technologies that significantly reduce
SOx and NOx emissions from marine diesel engines, protecting the environment and turning the big blue greener. 

Technical data 

ME Production offers solutions that fit all diesel engine types, sizes, speeds and fuel types, and its services cover the complete project from start to finish including consulting, sizing, design, manufacturing, supervision, commissioning and certification. ME Production helps the customers meet IMO emissions limits in the most effective and cost-efficient way. 

  • SOx Scrubber Unit: contains a carefully designed multi array of water jet nozzles which enables its solution to efficiently wash the exhaust gas in order to remove SOx, oil and carbon particles.
  • Sensor Package: is comprised of all required sensors such as SOx/CO2 optical sensor, pH probe,Temperator probe, Turbidity sensor and Alkalinity probe that will ensure the correct monitoring of the scrubber system and its emissions.
  • Control System: The scrubber solution is tied together through the controls system which is specifically designed for each vessel. The control system includes easy to use HMI.
  • Sea Water inlet Pump: acts as the primary source of exhaust gas scrubbing water in Open Loop mode. In Closed Loop mode it serves as cooling system pump to ensure low system temperatures.
  • Recirculation Pump: recirculates the primary scrubbing water in Closed Loop Mode
  • Discharge Pump: discharges the cleaned process water into the sea when Closed loop Mode.